Brovary. The suburb of Kiev. Specific apartment. Rent. The 20th floor.

Киев | Добавлено: 12 июня 2018, номер: 680672
  • Количество комнат:
  • Общая площадь: 43 м2
  • Этаж: 20 
  • Состояние квартиры: Свежий ремонт 
For rent, no commission. View, furnished, studio apartment, 43m, in a new house. Quality repair. Ceiling height 3.5 m (!). Two Otis lifts until the 19th, crossing one floor on foot. Concierge, video surveillance. The house is insulated, a heat meter is installed. New home appliances. Wi-Fi.
Excellent neighborhood. Guarded parking. In the courtyard there is a fitness club, a pine forest, two shops, beauty salons. Near the pool, tennis courts, stadium, forest. 2 km to the park Priozerny and the lake, 0,6 km to the park at Simonenko. Within a radius of 3 km there are several large supermarkets. 3.5 km to the Terminal and the Aqua Park. Magnificent view from the window. Good neighbors. 15-20 minutes by shuttle bus to metro station.
Rental price without CG:
1 month = 8450 UAH
2 months = 7350 UAH / month
3 months = 7000 UAH / month
For the summer period of this year 6500 / month.
The deposit amount is 8500 UAH, it is returned 2000 after 3 months of residence. Rent for one person or couple without pets.
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